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    scams up

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    This guys rips the websites apart regarding the legitimacy of their signals, posted performance and education materials.

    Only very few pass the "NAVY SEAL" type examination process. SAVES so many newbees from getting slaughtered by the bastards selling the dreams and fleecing them of thousands.

    This is a very valuable site for researching on various signal services and educational material vendors. Have come across few others like this but this site is really thorough in its work. Customer reviews/experiences from others are further evaluation inputs for the newbees.

    ps: have no affiliation with tradingschools but have benefited immensely from their reviews !!
  3. scams up

    scams up

    There is so much out there you dont know who to bekieve.
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    if the extortion is going on then for today's advanced investigative work, it will be very easy to catch emmet moore red handed in the act. just one catch and he will be done.

    however, it seems the reverse extortion is going on here.............i.e. trying to pressure and similar sites to SHUT DOWN their whistleblower "help the community" type operations. this by inviting public to file lawsuit on tradingschools.

    sometime i wondered what moore and similar sites benefit by putting up so much time on researching/reviewing the websites. the conclusion was and this he openly declares, that for any sign ups to recommended websites, tradingschools earns the referal fees each month till the time subscriber is listed with the service. this is similar to those recommending products on youtube etc. and providing a link and getting small portion from the product's sales prices.
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    1. there is a summary video on Emmett:

    2. and a neat site about him:

    3. and a good paper about him:
    Jousef-Moore CTA Fraud. EFT #10, 10.14.2019.
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    who cares, i get good heads up on various fraudsters out is between emmet moore and the websites that he reviews.
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    Not trying to give you a hard time but what is the catch? How is he supporting his website?

    ET is supported by the advertisers, is his?

    Thanks for posting.
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    it seems TradingSchools has high traffic so I am guessing that by "recommending" some sites Emmett has a pay per click arrangement with them. Also Emmett sent that email to Pit Bull Trader asking for $2000 to remove the poor evaluation of his trade room.
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    right now Simpler Trading is highlighted and a book on Options Trading, heck he even has a ad for hand sanitizer - but he is too stupid to know that coronavirus is only transmitted via respiratory droplets, not surfaces or by touch.