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  1. do you know any good trading rooms for intraday stocktrading ?

    i tested but they never say concrete trades.... so it is senseless in my opinion.

    does anyone know good tradingrooms for stocks ?
  2. Don't waste your time or money....
  3. jmoo


    Try They won't teach you how to trade but you can learn a lot from the 100's of traders.

  4. thats senseless.... iam pissed off, of all these fakers.

    i want a room where they communicate realtime trades, like "$STOCK LONG at YY.YY$ with stop at ZZ.ZZ$"
  5. twitter / tweetdeck + stocktwits (threads) = your own virtual trading room
  6. thats true ;) ...
  7. Just a note - 'real' traders cannot give actual stock symbols in chat rooms etc. They can lose their licenses. Disclosure rules apply etc. Stock manipulation fears, pump and dump etc.

    So, the good guys have to limit to helping others. More likely the 'non traders' give you actual symbols.


  8. Trading rooms is a bad idea to begin with.

    Create a journal here if you feel like it and write out your thoughts, but never concern yourself with the opinion of other traders. If anything, fade them. :p
  9. so you need spoon fed retail hand holding with turn down service and a chocolate on the pillow.

    good luck with that.........


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