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    Who has experience with a tradingprogram that generates autom. buy/sell signals???

    Does a good tradingprog. exist???

    Which program generates the best traderesults???

    Let me knooowww!!

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  3. Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the strategy runner is so delightful. Nice upsell, Alex.

    Advice? Flip a quarter. Most of the good trading systems out there have a tough time breaking the 50% winning percentage barrier with any consistency.

    Ever wondered why the geniuses behind Tradestation aren't developing systems and trading them all themselves? Because they're smarter than the rest of us!!!!!!

    Because there's gold in your pocket and they know you're willing to spend it on a lottery ticket (of sorts) and that gold is heck of a lot more sure than the gold you might -- and I mean might -- get out of a trading a system -- if you can find (or build) a good one.

    I worked for a couple of guys who thought they had the ultimate system. They spent thousands of dollars on setting up a hedge fund, and even made good money for their clients for a couple of years. Then they watched (and traded) all of their client's money away by following their system religiously, sort of like captains going down with the ship. They're still at it as far as I know, having modified their systems so much that now they have billed themselves out as a "low volatility manager;" and make only a few basis points per month. And these guys were math wizzes and Harvard grads.

    Sad but true.

    Trading should be fun. Pick a direction and a limit and go with it, and when you reach the limit take a break and count your money. Set a good stop in the other direction and when you hit that, go golfing and try not to think about it too much. You can do worse than dice, a coin, pickup sticks or tarot cards -- and those things are cheaper than the average "winning" trading system. You probably even have a few coins in your pocket right now. Try a system. Then try your pocket change. Your pocket change may well be the ultimate winner.

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