Tradingology / The Options Club by David Vallieres

Discussion in 'Options' started by sneakoner, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Has anybody signed up for his course or ordered his videos?

    Does anybody have any feedback regarding this guy?
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    I have the course. The videos have good content but you must have a background on options to understand it. There are very hands-on a straight to the point.
  4. Thanks for that.

    Cloudy was actually the one who recommended this to me. Unfortunately he doesn't post here anymore.
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    Yeah, I had a few words with him too while dicussing the course value.
    Then I got lucky and bought the course for $100 while it was discount action. :)
  6. So I went ahead and got the course.

    The strategies seem similar to picking up pennies in front of a steamroller. Basically doing options spreads and adjusting positions as time goes on.

    However if the underlying moves violently against you, you're screwed. One bad trade and you could get a big margin call.

    I do think its worth the money though. The big thing is that it saves time in learning how to do the methods.
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    It depends. Actually I can argue with this. Selling options means shorting out-of-the-money options way above/below current price. So literally I can't imagine such price movement that can kill your account. In case of sharp volatile actions you always can 1) take loss, 2) roll your position further by price and/or time.
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    Search eBay for "Make Money Trading Stocks & Options" The price is under $20.00. It was made in April 2008.
  9. lol it looks like someone burned his work and is reselling it