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  1. Have any here tried the new TradingMind software from Subconcious Training Corp.?
    Apparently, Jake Bernstein provided the material for this training cd.

    Has anyone tried it? Does it really work? Just want to hear from anyone who actually bought the cd and used it.

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    Yes, I have and it's very good. You should try it.
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    I bought it and used it. There are 10 modules in the cd , each being 8 mins. Its just a repeatition of the same thing over and over again. The first four mins of each module is basically the same, trying to get you focused. The next four mins does'nt make sense, at least to me! Anyways let me know if you are intrested. I used the cd once and dont mind getting rid of it.
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    I think it's excellent. Easy to use and easy to benefit from, just use it a few times, not only once. Each module being very similar but just a bit different from the others is ingenious, because that's exactly how suggestions work best.
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    I've used it constantly now for several months and find it very useful. One of the best insights I got from it came about in a very unusual way. From time to time, I'd find I would hesitate in taking a trade--I was looking for added confirmation that I was "right" and, of course, by the time I knew that, the trade had already left the station. One of the modules in TradingMind was "Controlling Overconfidence" and, naturally, because I kept thinking that my problem was a LACK of confidence, I just skipped over that module. After two months of listening to the other 9 modules, for some reason I decided to just sit through this other one. Man, did the light bulb turn on! I realized that it was due to my overconfidence (albeit misplaced) assessment of myself that I was not taking my signals--because I kept thinking that in the moment that I knew more than all my testing had revealed--and thus hesitated to take the trade. Rather than being unconfident, the dynamic actually at work in me was that I was TOO confident in my ability to spot (cherry pick) which trades would work and which would not. I realize such knowledge might be a yawner to some/most of you, but to me it was a revelation; I'd have never guessed to reframe my issue in such a way. So yes, I found this product to be a great help to me. It taught me some humility and to stop trying to second-guess signals when I saw them. And in reviewing that module from time to time, it reminds me to be attentive to that issue. It's funny that from my outward behavior I had simply thought I was not confident enough when instead it turned out that the underlying issue for me was overconfidence.

    Anyway, that's one thing I learned about myself from TradingMind.
  6. how does the tradingmind software work? Is it a sort of subliminal hypnosis?
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    I guess the term is "guided meditation" but hypnosis is probably just as accurate, albeit "old school." Each module begins with a 2-3 minute relaxation induction phase (eyes closed), followed by powerful suggestions and insights that themselves (as in my case) can trigger some fairly significant secondary connections, and then it ends with a quick though not abrupt regrounding to external awareness. There's no loss of control or consciousness; in fact, I'd describe it as being in a very mellow and super aware state of introspection, perhaps much as one might do if praying to oneself in a quiet place (although there is no religious parallel other than the quiet mood I'm attempting to describe). I find each experience very pleasant and, three months after I bought it, I'm still listening to them daily, now if for nothing else than to get quiet, for maintenance, and sometimes just before bed so that I fall asleep even faster! (It's very relaxing if you can let go to it.) About all I can say.
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    Oh, and no, it's not subliminal at all. You're fully aware of the suggestions. It's as-is, there's nothing hidden, or going on in the background. It doesn't use an Ericksonian Method, either (where attention is split between two disparate dialogues, usually stories unrelated to the goal, a separate one for each ear, that skillfully intersect at significant keywords in each one's script, as some popular self-help tapes have done). It's really just a very straightforward guided meditation/hypnosis. I don't know how to predict who it's good for; like traditional hypnosis, it's not for everyone. Which is not to say there's anything wrong with people who aren't served by it; there are certainly many modalities available and part of the work involves finding what does work for you, a lot like trading style.
  9. The CD is copied to my hard drive; I use it on my laptop with headphones. I use it either just when waking up, and/or before going to sleep. It is designed to leave you awake & alert. So when going into sleep finish it off before the reentry technique.
    Maybe I can explain why I cannot talk about it. Suggestive meditation does have a positive impact on the left hemisphere of the brain. And to that extent I can hearten it's benefits.

    The real benefit is to the unformed, unmade non-verbal right hemisphere of the brain that formal education tends to ignore.
    I would say it helps me be more serene, relaxed. The stress disperses earlier.
    The brain is always working, wondering if it has done everything that needs to be completed. Trading mind systematically programs you to cover all the details. To that end, at the end of the day, stress is reduced.
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    Excellent post. I also use this tool and have found it very helpful.
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