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  1. anyone has raptor III, swing college and capital appreciation courses from tradingmarkets?
  2. let me save you some time, money and stress, most of their courses are simple rtm strategies, usually based off rsi (usually rsi2). for the love of God, do not buy them, period the end.

    i never bought them. i found this out by from their website which has the same info for FREE.
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    I think it's worth studying the material tradingmarkets puts out. Especially, material by Larry Conners. While it appears simplistic, Conners has identified many simple statistical edges.
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    The stuff these folks sell is a minor tweaked indicator or two that already exists and they put it in a box and ask outrageous prices for them.

    Here's the deal...successful trading isn't based on an indicator or a "system." It's based on the <b>trader</b> running the system. There is no substitute for experience and judgement that comes from experience.

  5. which website?
  6. i agree it's worth studying - it's just not worth paying for. something about why buy the cow comes to mind...