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  1. Anyone have Raptor I, II and Capital Appreciation Program from


    1) Alan Andrew Private Seminar
    2) Trading Course Seminar Michael Jenkins
    3) Steve Copan Nexus
    4) Pantagon Time Cycle Bradley Cowan
    5) Alvarez Factor Tradingmarkets
  2. i'm going to do you a huge favor and give you the super duper secret methodology for FREE. it's all based on the rsi w/ lower settings (2 period instead of traditional 14). here's an example - buy when spx rsi2 is below 10 and short when above 90. wash, rinse, repeat. i just saved you from WASTING thousands of dollars on a system that is out there for free on the interwebs.
  3. what time frame? any stops?
  4. thejam


    Here is an old ET thread about the scam they call TradingMarkets