TradingMarkets--What Happened to these guys?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Bigbadbass, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. I use to enjoy reading the TradingMarkets site. It really seemed legit, now they have phonies like Michael Covel and others writing for them. Does anyone know what gives?

  2. old crew is still there, landry haggerty kaltbaum etc
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    I like John and Hubert's video newsletters.
  4. That assumes that they once had any credibility at all.

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    when it was known as TradeHard it was good but Connors (i am a fan of his research methods) turned it into a hype site marketing a lot of marginal guys/services. i look at some of the stuff that is posted onto yahoo from landry etc every once in a while but quit my subscription 2 or 3 years ago to tradingmarkets. i was very disappointed to see the site degenerate over the course of a few years like it did.
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    TradingMarkets has always been a rip off. It's all hype without substance. They keep selling the same things over and over again by repackaging them. The only person I like is Dave Landry for the swing trading education. You can start with his books, and if you know where to look, you can get a look of his education for free. Here's one place where he's doing a weekly video lesson for free:

    Larry Connors' research is flawed. I've talked to system traders about him, and the complaints are usually the same. (1) Often his sample size is too low. (2) He uses the indexes for his studies instead of an actual tradable security like ETFs or the E-minis. (3) He over optimizes the systems.
  7. Recently they are geared toward "your only chance to learn about this pattern works 87% over twenty years BEFORE COMMISSIONS for $5000 then it will be released to the hedge funds at a much higher price." I guess the hedge funds are not stupid enough to pay the $5000 now but very willing to pay $10000 later. I like Haggerty and one or two other guys. Who can blame them? They probably have to cover the overhead and make a living before shutting down any day now.
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    I saw that TradingMarket moved from downtown Los Angeles to Sherman Oaks, so maybe they'll last another year with the savings on overhead.

    It's funny that you mention hedge funds, because Larry Connors did try to start a hedge fund. The web address was at If you look up the whois (, you'll see that was the registrant. If you click through to you'll notice that the link doesn't work because the hedge fund was shut down. Strangly, if you add a period to the end of the URL ( the site will redirect to TradingMarkets.) Probably couldn't raise any money.

    Clearly they are better off selling strategies than actually using the strategies to make money.
  9. some time ago they started promoting through email an "automated trading system that has 85% success rate for at least 20 years, and all this for the price of a mere $50! buy now!"

    they are no different than any other vendor.