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    I heard a rumor...
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    I just registered here today and i like the comments made by a lot of folks in what i have read over the past several weeks here. As far as TM is concerned, I have been a member for about 2 years now...i would say the site peaked sometime around march of this year, since then it has been all downhill. Goran is now at The guy was great when the market was coming down but once we have a strong rally all of a sudden goran disappears from whatever site he is at. Now i like Goran and his comments but that is petty bs and bait-and-switch as far as I am concerned. I let my subscription run out last week. No way on God's green earth is traderswire worth over 1000 bucks a year.
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    for those that didn't know, Jeff Cooper started his own service a couple of months ago and he appears regularly on mIRC.

    Many member are on mIRC also to chat after-hours, but there seems to be more conversations there than on traderswire these days.

    it all seems as though some people are migrating away.

    for those interested, e-mail me and I can give you Darren's e-mail address so that he can contact you about mIRC and the Cooper. I just don't feel comfortable posting anybody's e-mail address here, except mine ;)

    Scott Harper
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  4. TM is a great site, loaded with info for all trading styles. Haggerty, Connors, Floyd...their market insight is invaluable. I know Dave Floyd personally and have learned everything I know from him. He is by far the best listed scalper that I have ever seen or heard about. :cool:
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  5. Anyone have any views or opinion on Kevin Haggerty. Do you find his analysis helpful.
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  6. yeah he's good...but if you're not on his page, meaning you understand all of his indicators and catch phrases, he's tough to follow.
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    My opinion of Haggerty is a bit conflicting. On one hand I find his analysis and especially the volatility bands quite useful. On the other hand, when I visited his presentation during the TM 2001 conference, I found it to be extremely disorganized and somewhat confusing. He also has sort of his own terminolgy with funky names such as "Slim Jim" that means nothing more than a consolidation, etc.

    It seems that he is more of a reversal kind of guy and I personally prefer trading trends. Also, I like to follow 1 or 2 stocks and it seems to me that he follows a bunch of sectots and stocks at the same time.

    Anyway, that's just my 5 cents.

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