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    I am a member of and I used to frequent their message boards daily. However, sometime early last week, (end of August) they posted a message saying that they are revamping the whole site and the message boards were gone. No further details were given as to when and if they would come back. The site has gone through a lot of changes in the past year, and many of their top comentators have abruptly left ie. Jeff Cooper. Their was also a lot of criticism of management posted by members on the message board. I am now wondering if this is the reason for the revamp of the site ie. no message boards, no criticism? Are their any fellow members on this board. Love to hear your thoughts about the site. Thanks.
  2. I agree with your observations. Until about 6 months ago it was very vibrant. Lots of good lessons and tutorials by pro's with proven track records (Borsellino, Boucher, Mader etc).

    Now it's mostly people with "after the fact" analysis and very few insightful lessons. As an example, the latest course is "How to profit in a bear market". What a joke.

    That being said. The courses by Borsellino, Mader, Haggerty and Boucher is worth more than the cost of a one year subscription, so I believe I've gotten my moneys worth (Iv'e been a member since the site's launch)

    I doubt I'll renew when my subscription is up.
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    It is not what it used to be. I still read Boucher on Fridays and Landry, but that is it... Maybe I'll cancel this month.
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    I've been a member of TM for a about a year now. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy the site, although I have to agree that their content has been thinning a bit as some of the authors left the service and others now require a separate paid subscription. I especialy enjoy reading articles by Dave Landry and Goran Yordanoff, although Goran writes very rarely nowadays and Dave has just started hiw own paid service.

    As far as message boards are concerned you can still access them through Traderswire. Btw, has anyone here used Traderswire? How did you like it?

    I subscribed to Traderswire last week and so far I am not sure I am too happy with it. They do alert to you to various setup but IMHO by the time you see the alert more often that not it's too late to profit from it.

    Aslo, TM is gona host a TradingMarkets 2001 conference in a month, has anyone attended their previous conferences? Is anyone planning to attend this one? Is it worth the $800?

    I would appreciate any and all opinions.

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    Somethings the matter. They contacted me by phone two days ago alerting me that the basic subscription goes up to $25.00 next month and a "deal" if I went for one year. I think it is basically a good site but $25, is probably stretching it. A lot of hindsight at this site and with new "Pattern Day Trader" rules maybe a waste of time and money.
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    Are you bullish on the NDX/QQQ? Miss your posts from TM message boards. Do you post anywhere else?
  7. Dave Floyd is one of the regulars now for his commentary there. He is a personal friend of mine.

    In fact I interviewed him almost a year ago on my website.

    He's got one of the best track records I have ever seen.

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    Where has he been for the past week? One of their last original commentators, what is going on at this site, definetly not as good as it used to be, hope he has'nt left like Jeff Cooper.
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    It seems that Goran Yordanoff is also leaving their service. It's sad as I found his articles truly informative. He also has just pulled out from speaking at the TM 2001 conference.

    Does anyone know anything else about Yordanoff? Do you guys think their conference is worth attending for the $895 price tag?

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    If anyone went to the above, was it worth the time and expense? I have been disapointed with the site lately. Too much after the fact trading info. I signed up for a free trial of today, seems real good, espcially the updated trading diaries of Todd Harrison and Jim Cramer, and good info frm GB Smith and Herb Greenberg. What do you traders think of, is it worth subscribing to. Thanks.
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