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  1. I have a free membership to try.
    frankly I have been a member here (since 2000) and I like this site...
    however - the wealth of knowledge indicators and focus on markets (including) futures made me think and sadly compare...
    I have no affiliation and no means I am
    pushing them...
    but ET seems at times hmm like a large frat party's bitch session. lots of wanna be traders and no vibe of success.. most are struggling and there is some censorship now on the boards...
    Have anyone ELSE take a look at
    Now they have a free trial...
    I am genuinely interested in other's opinion NOT some flame and rabid ET
    versus TM pissing contest....
  2. good site. no longer a member there.

    too much sales push.

    They are always screaming at you in a manner of speaking, big headlines, etc. In 3 months, you will be able to absorb most of their methods.
  3. I know they have a rather large collection of live traders etc
    what do they typically sell to members ?
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    I took a year's membership and learned a lot. Found it helpful;
    However, I am not renewing my membership. A year is enough.
    I feel I have gotten out of it as much as I am going to,
    and I agree on there being far too much sales hype for totally overpriced "services" and "trading secrets"........
    How many tapes am I going to buy?
    How many newsletters do I need?
  5. I have a question brother... WHY would a guy like you be interested in opinions from ETs, when by your very own words you feel ET is:

    "like a large frat party's bitch session... lots of wanna be traders and no vibe of success... most are struggling"

    ?? Why?? Hmmmmm

    Or do some guys (maybe like you) fail to engage their brains before speaking or writing what they (supposedly) think or feel about a given subject?! :D

    I mean, I can understand women not knowing what they want all the time.... it's in the hormones, but traders like you (appear to be or want to be) ought be able to set forth rational comments that are not conflicting on their face. The more you know what you want the better you will trade.

    SO... do you want a bunch of "wanna be traders with no vibe of success" REALLY giving you opinions to rely on? :eek:

    Yes or no? :)

  6. I cancelled my membership after a few weeks on that site. When I first joined about 2+ years ago they had some better writers, with less of that watered down, diplomatic double talk. I also got the impression the last time I was there that alot of the guys writing were long on technical analysis and theory, but short on trading experience. Sure, there are a few guys who are "legends", etc. but when I saw them trying to peddle their $5,000 private mentoring stuff, it just stank up the joint. In a bear market, its just survival, I think that its very hard to try and dumb down the markets to the masses when you have so little consistency in price structure. The follow thru momentum is not there and the inevitable time lag between when they make their observations and/or prognistications and the dynamics of the real time market makes most of their commentary obsolete...
  7. agreed,,,

    excellent library, but I learned more trading in realistic markets and conditions from those who will complain and moan, because that moaning is the trader who actually incurred that trade, whether it worked, sweated him, or he lost on it.

    TM is good, however, I find all that bleached editorial unbelievable, just like those eternal newsletters that only hit the right trades, and just a few bad trades, just to seem believable.

    TM is good, but expensive for the yearly price.
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    i'm still a member there, but each renewal, come *this* close to cancelling.

    basically, i keep it because a couple of their screeners periodically are useful, and some of the saturday / weekend pieces are good.

    it used to be *much* better, when jeff cooper was there, (not just him, but at that time), there would be good weekly lessons, etc. now, much of it is a pitch to "join our overnight subscription at a much higher price!"

    the irony is that cooper went to thestreet, which has many of the same problems as tradingmarkets - along with the albatross of jim cramer. then, after cooper went there, he and herb greenberg were moved to the special premium site...(disclosure: cancelled thestreet when i couldn't stand subsidizing cramer's hypocritical non-truth telling pockets anymore).

    do i *need* TM for trading? not at all...which is why i keep thinking about cancelling.
  9. My experience is similar to the others, ie I was a subscriber to TradingMarkets for a couple of years but let it lapse. In the beginning it was excellent, but then was exciting at one time too. The good writers left, the annoying ones stayed, and the new ones sucked. One guy who is not bad is Gary Kaltmann ( I may have his name spelled wrongly). Also, Connors is good but he only writes once a week. My impression of them now is it is largely a portal to push expensive trading courses and seminars. However, there is an awful lot of educational material available that you get free as a sub or trial user. It is no doubt worth one year's subscription. I found the scanners interesting but it takes all day for the charts to come up. I use QP-2 instead.
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    AAA - i didn't even think of this before other than a flippant comment towards it...

    but for new traders, the back library of trading lessons is EASILY worth the one year subscription. that's something other pay sites can't offer (i don't think farley's hardrightedge is pay - is it, alan?)

    i bought farley's book as a small way of saying thanks for having a great free site on the net for a long time...
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