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  1. I have a few people in my office right now that have been or are currently "trading guru" for different websites. If they are any indication of the type of traders behind the instructional websites then I would avoid them all. One use work for Tradingmarkets and he still makes money, but not like you would expect for paying for subscription services or classes from him. I was told most of the traders at the time he worked there were not even making money trading. I guess that is why the push to sell seminars. Another trader in my office is a master teacher at an education firm and I don't think he has ever made money, does not have enough to fund his own acct, and recently had his acct shut down because of losses. The other guy makes calls on the market in general for the website he helps with. He has some insightful analysis but in the current market can't trade his way out of a paper bag. Kind of scary considering some people are paying 300+ a month for a website or 3000 for a week of "mentoring" Basically buyer beware
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  2. well I got a free trading book out of em!:) by the way it was posted here on ET (the free coupon) :)
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  3. I have some courses from I wanted to know if anyone wanted to swap trading material just pm me.
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