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  1. Perhaps we need Elitetrader Premium Service, for an extra $25/mo you can have access to those posters with >1000 posts, the proven veterans of the message board wars.
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  2. bobcathy1

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    I don't know. I get a lot out of the site. But I am a beginner too. I read Miller, Floyd, Saliba, Hobbs and Haggarty as I trade ES and SPY.
    Miller of course is my favorite, you can tell by my posts.
    I think the most expensive membership is the best one. The trading room is full of good stuff. However I only get to see it when I am lucky and get a free trial. Too expensive for me right now.
    Elite Trader is really nice and busy. Get a lot of opinions here! :D :D
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  3. wast of money

    I know people that use it follow the trades and still loose money
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  4. bobcathy1

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    Truthfully, I do not follow their stock trades. I just like the education I got from it.
    Today is so nasty, and one thing I did learn is WHEN to stay OUT:(
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  5. KrisM715

    KrisM715 used to be a pretty good site until it went from a site about trading to the f'n home shopping network. Seems like everyone there has a service/tape/seminar/useless bs to sell. As far as the recomendations being painted in broad strokes, if you throw enough sh*t at the wall, something is bound to stick.
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  6. Looks like after Carol Boroden left (probably couldn't sell enough of her useless yet expensive Fibonacci cluster subscriptions), they've replaced her with some other Fibonacci goon who's trying to sell his service.

    In fact, I got a damn telemarketing call from these guys over the weekend trying to push this guy's "triple crown" Fib service - for a mere $400 I too could get this guy's Fibo numbers. I told the solicitor that if I wanted to know where the Fibos clustered, I could just draw them myself - thanks, but no thanks.

    All the other "gurus" there also seem to have similar multi-hundred to multi-thousand dollar services and seminars they're pushing (sometimes to the exclusion of providing anything valuable on the website it seems).

    When they transitioned from a trading website to a vehicle to hype all their new "services", they started sliding down hill. I'm trying to decide whether the few items on the site that I occassionaly reference are even worth continuing the subscription anymore.

    Not to mention I'm tired of getting those lousy telemarketing calls pushing whatever the flavor of the month is.
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  7. Agreed. That site went from the best to annoying crap in about three months. I don't even look at it anymore. It is pointless really.
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  8. Open up your eyes people! TM is in the business of selling subscriptions, books, videos etc....... The guys on there may have traded early on in their careers and lost, so they went into hawking products thru the Net. $100 books, $2000 videos, $500 trading subscriptions, c'mon give me a break. Anyone with basic market knowledge can write a book or make a video about the market and price patterns. The key is to find suckers to buy the products.

    If you want to belong to the site, go ahead. But make sure you pay monthly as their content will change without notice and they could go out of business mid-year.

    BTW, you can get the same and probably better info on ET for free.

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  9. There is enough patterns on the site, that each day SOMETHING is going to work.

    Simple as that. They are sellers of services.
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  10. I have never seen so much recycling of information other than

    Haggerty is selling 123 lows and highs. Are you kidding me?

    Haggerty only seems to mention when things work out according to his methods. But I have programmers here at my fund that programmed his opening reversals and believe me THEY DO NOT WORK.

    Nothing can be purely mecahnical, but even with some discretion his opening reversals do not work unless you pick and choose which patterns to trade.

    At that point, i think its worthless.
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