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  1. hahahaha that is some good ish :p Thanks for the link!
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    I heard a runour that TM is on the verge of bankruptcy and will not last till year end. Has anyone heard that?

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  3. I forgot about him. He was excellent, dead right and funny too.
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    TM site itself is starting to become a so-so site. But they have other business acquisition so they won't be going down for a while.

    They'll be around for a while.
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  5. Dearest Brother AAA,

    To criticise strengths (namely, the often underestimated ability to know when not to trade) makes one wonder what there is left to praise :confused:

    I often find myself saying to myself "Nothing happening. Didn't do much. Whatever." And it is precisely kind of thinking which has saved me a bundle of losses... one should only trade when there is a real reason to place a trade...

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  6. candle,

    You do have a point, but dammit man, I need some entertainment value too. Maye they could get Waxie to post a daily column.
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  7. Wow, these guru's sure are a sensitive bunch. I just saw that Dave Floyd devoted his entire column yesterday to ripping me for daring to have a negative opinion of his columns. He feels I misrepresented the lack of substance in his columns. Hey Dave, lighten up man. It's called hyperbole, using a deliberate exaggeration to make a point, namely that you are not providing much value to readers.

    The funny thing is I singled him out precisely because I know he is a talented and successful trader who apparently made a ton of money in the bubble market. I find it frustrating that he nevers really tells readers what he is doing or even what he did, except in very general terms. Oh yeah, he called gold stocks. And he provides a bunch of S and R numbers, with no explanation where they come from. So do half the writers on that site. If you put all their numbers up, your screen would be blacked out.

    Dave, since you apparently aren't doing squat for most of the day anyway, would it kill you to post even one trade, with entry and exit explanations. That way someone might get some real value from your column.
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  8. To get things back on track, I would say that Tradingmarkets is a pretty cool site.

    My favorite writers are Landry, Miller, Floyd and Borsellino... although I have my own way of trading that has my specific personality elements blended into it, Tradingmarkets is a good site for one major reason... like, provides a centralized forum for commentary by experienced traders... admittedly, I used to read Tradingmarkets a lot more in the days when it was called (I can venture a guess why the name was changed!), but I still do enjoy the various articles... forms part of my diet of trading, alongside,,, and Active Trader Magazine... although I don't need any of these sources to make money, I do need them for a periodical buzz, in the same way I need coffee... just part of an overall addiction to trading...
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  9. Was that you, did you rip the inventor of "Floyd Numbers"? LOL

    There is some interesting commentary there, but what I dislike about those guys is they package everything they can think of, brand it (like the "Floyd Numbers",which are simple support and resistance, or HVT) and sell it for outrageously inflated prices.

    Haggerty's column is filled with acronyms unexplained so as to drive someone to his $2,500 seminar the learn what they mean.
    Eat shit fellas.
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  10. yeah, they must have hired Tom DeMark for some consultancy on "branding"...
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