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  1. Does anyone have any experience with this site?

    Does anyone have an opinion on Kevin haggerty?

    Larry Conners VIX Reversals?
  2. Click "search" in the upper right corner and type tradingmarkets. You will get a lot of matches. Start with those threads and if you still have questions, feel free to post them.
  3. The site is mainly a platform to sell subscription services in my opinion.
  4. Used to be my fave site, gone downhill in my estimation. They lost some good writers/traders like Kevin Marder and Jeff Cooper. Hagerty leaves me cold, and what's the deal with Dave Floyd? His column everyday: "Nothing happening. Didn't do much. Whatever." That really helps. The boucher and Connors weekly columns are probably worth the cost though, as are the trading lessons. The CVR signals are good, but definitely you need to understand them and how to play them.
  5. Haggert never seems to lose or at least he writes that way. Very condescending, I hate that.

    And Conners is as cocky as they come. Maybe cause he has sold 1000000000 books and systems.

    Too bad the girl is leaving, she was good, humble, and straight forward.
  6. Who is leaving Boroden?
  7. I liked her analysis. I like all their analysis, but the personalities suck.
  9. The best asset those guys had was Goran Yardanoff...Even if the guy was a bit cocky at times, his analysis was humorous and typically pretty original, not filled with cliche analysis...Carolyn Boroden was also decent, but she is leaving...Saliba could be good, and I have read other stuff by him that is very original, but he has watered down his material, perhaps to also sell the premium subscription services...

    It's definitely gone downhill, imo...But I also think that the markets have changed significantly since they started and therefore they have nothing more original to say than most of this forum...Its just the current state of things...Very unpredictable outside of a smaller time frame...
  10. yeah, I like his style...I have noticed that he seems to be putting some more effort into his editorials as well...Definitely quality insight...
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