TradingMarkets collection for sale

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  1. Includes:

    1) TradingMarkets Swing Trading College course materials (TM charges $4995)
    2) TradingMarkets Professional Options Trading College course materials (TM charges $4995)
    3) RSI-25 Explosion Trading System
    4) Bollinger Band %B Trading System
    5) Hanna ETF Money Flow Trading System
    6) ETF Sweet Spot
    9) Options Income Stream System
    7) Haggerty "Trading with the Generals" Course
    8) DAX Trading System
    A bunch of other stuff..."Slim Jim"..."How I DayTrade the Dow"...etc.


    I'm done with trading, due to a family circumstance.

    How much?

    Material retails, collectively, for about $15,000.

    Entire collection will go to

    a) The best offer over $1,250.00 submitted by Sunday, November 27 5:00 p.m. eastern time (U.S.) and paid by midnight, eastern time, on November 27th.


    b) The first person to pay $2,500.00.


    PM me if you're interested.

    And, for those who might be wondering, yes, this sale is in compliance with the 1976 US Copyright Act.

    Now, let the flames begin...
  2. did you learn anything from those "guru's ?

    hope the circumstances change for the better for you ... I have been dealing with alot of that kind
    of stuff on my plate lately ...

    sort of puts trading in perspective

    good luck

  3. eagerbeaver

    Don't feel bad about buying that stuff you are not the only trader in here that has been down that road and the fact remains that 80% of us (that have the money) have done exactly the same as you.

    Sorry about your circumstances and good luck to you.
  4. Yes, I learned a huge amount. I'm not one to follow some "guru" blindly, but there are lots of legitimate and effective tools in this toolkit that one can use to build whatever it is one wishes to build. I looked at this as tuition -- money spent on course material rather than on losing trades. As a consequence, I lost little to the markets, and more than made up for the cost of the materials I purchased. Frankly, I find the Swing College techniques (as an example) to be rather inelegant -- but, I made a ton of money with them, using the techniques for position swing trades on the oex/spx/ndx using theta-positive verticals. So there you go.

    Anyway, life has a way of throwing the ultimate curve ball at you, even if the markets don't. All one can do is soldier on....

  5. Thanks, Dude.
  6. Sashe


    Are all those materials in electronic or physical form?
  7. CD-ROMs and printed material.
  8. ...also codes for TradeStation and TeleChart for the Swing College trading systems...
  9. Did you sold it already, if not, would you like to just sell me the

    4) Bollinger Band %B Trading System.

    Because this is the one I am interested in.

    If you would, how much would that cost.

  10. Raymond,

    I have the %B Trading System. You can have it for free. Its not worth much more than that.

    Email me at
    #10     Nov 28, 2006