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    The Alvarez Factor -- (Originally $7500, will sell for best offer)

    - Has averaged from 1.4% to over 3% gains per trade (on a cash basis, using no leverage) over a five-year period.

    - Was profitable 60 of the past 62 months in simulated trading when all the signals were taken between January 1, 2000 and February 28, 2005.

    - Has had 36 months with gains of 10% or more out of a total of 62 months.

    - Has had a maximum monthly drawdown of 1.8% with 63% correct trades.

    - Allows you to trade with no subjectivity or guesswork by applying "exact" parameters to the day's open. This will give you a statistically backed edge that you can use to trade the rest of the day's movement.

    For more info click here:
  2. I am making an offer of $75, and it is a serious offer.
  3. I'll see your $75 and raise you by $0.99.
  4. Damn Jimmy... now you have me going. I raise you by a whole penny... my latest offer is $76. :D
  5. Save yourself the trouble and read The Logical Trader.

    Based on the description is basically an ACD system.
  6. $76.01
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    76.01. Going once; going twice...:)
  8. did you already sell the system
  9. $85
  10. 99.99
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