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Discussion in 'Trading' started by IRAF, Aug 3, 2001.

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    Is anyone going to attend this conference? I believe it's gona be held in October somewhere in Vegas.

    Has anyone attended their previous conference?

    I subscribe to their site and find the articles by Dave Landry and Goran Yordanoff the most useful, Kevin Haggerty also has valuable info for day-trading. I wonder what's the general opinion about the site and those traders in particular.

    Also, they just launched a service called, TradersWire, which is rather expensive.

    Any and all opinions would be appreciated.

  2. I think TradingMarkets is a terrific site ----- Goran and Haggerty, Landry too as well as Carolyn Boroden and Carolyn Lueck are outstanding analysts and, quite clearly, phenomenal daytraders. I will definitely be attending this October in Vegas ----- it's a stellar cast who've promised to give their all. I am personally too busy watching every tick of ES and NQ to usually participate in TradersWire Interactive, but there are couple of superb index and Q traders who appear there regularly. The TM World Boards are well worth following also, as a parade of posters carry on very high-level TA presentations and discussions.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    IMHO this is one of the few sites that concentrates on the technical analysis for trading and offers enough substance to make it worth following. I am definitely going to attend the conference in Vegas.

    I am little surprised that people on this board don't seem to use or know much about TradingMarkets site.