tradingfrommainstreet doesn't charge for live chatroom anymore..

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by 50 cent, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. below is the email i received.

    i appreciate these guys' work and i'm subscribed to their free resources for years.

    i don't hang around in trading chatrooms, but for those who generally like to do that, this free chatroom could be worthy of looking into.

    other than that, this paid service existed for quite a while and they basically cancelled it now... do you guys reckon it's getting harder to make money out of these paid live advisory services? (i mean, harder for the room operator to make money out of his subscribers)


    Dear Trader,

    Over the years Brandon and I have ran an online trading room on mIRC. In the past year however, we have talked in depth about returning to Othernet where we can run a room for free and can provide a forum for active traders to share their thoughts, ideas and learning experiences with others so that we might all benefit. Our lives have changed dramatically over the years and we simply cannot be around in a trading room full time each and every day that the market is open. We are still online on most days, however, and want to be able to hang out with other traders like ourselves. As such, we have moved the room to #mainstreet on and have converted the service to one which is more closely related to the concept of public television. We hope that if you profit from the services that we provide, that you will help us out by sponsoring our website, but membership is no longer mandatory and varying sponsorship levels are available. If you are already a member and would wish to alter your sponsorship status, please contact HYPERLINK "" If you have not ever been in our chatroom or have not frequented recently, we would like to invite you to do so at your convenience. For login instructions, please go to HYPERLINK ""

    All my best,

    Toni Hansen