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  1. I need to purchase some new hardware. Has anyone purchased from, and was is a good experience. Thanks in advance.
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    I always use Newegg, they're the best for just about anything computer related, and they have fast shipping. (Three day shipping somehow always arrives in 2 days.)

    - Paccc
  3. Even their most basic machine is pricey.
  4. If you price them out compared to Dell, they seem to be a little more expensive, but not much. I am wondering if the added advantages are worth the slight premium. Better service, better configuration, higher quality components etc....
  5. Trading Computers are worthless. No difference between them and a good Dell.

    I agree with Paccc, if you can build a machine, thats the way to go.
  6. just buy a dell they're awesome. go look at my setup from a few days ago under the hardware section. trading computers would have charged me 2 or 3 times what i did it for. the dell 505 is an awesome compter. heck i have some old delll 3000's which were 300 bucks are awesome
  7. The cheap dell's are not suitable for trading, IMO. They use cheap components on their low end machines, and you will notice reduced performance. I have been happy with the higher end machines made by Dell.
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    has anyone ever used these guys? Price seems right.

    I have only used Dell and HP of late and they are both fine.
  9. Dell is what I have now, but to be honest they are a pain in the a__ to deal with. Most of their systems are now package deals that can't be split-up, so you wind up paying for a monitor you don't need or want. The higher end Dells are not cheap, and the service is second rate. Just my opinion.
  10. I think it all depends on your style of trading. I bought a couple of Dell 1100's for $160 ($30 shipping) from Dell outlet. Don't need the screens, just processors and redundancy to run my bots. Sure it's older technology, but for my purpose it works fine.
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