TradingApp Platform released

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    Check out at .

    What's new in

    - all plug-in configuration types now share a common API that gives them access to session parameters and resources
    - all plug-in types can now send out debug and/or status information to the session output window
    - plug-in configurations can now have their own UI, shown as a new tab in addition to the default session tab windows (see the File Signal Handler sample).
    - various session events are now sent to all plug-in configurations
    - all plug-in types can now process collection of simulated trades generated during a session run
    - new APIs for conditionally traversing collection of trades
    - new statistics class
    - optional search for updates at start-up
    - new options for opening one or more session windows: command line, session file associations, drag & drop on the main window_
    - many other fixes and enhancements