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  1. I've started a youtube channel for intraday traders, hopefully, Baron, I can become a sponsor if my channel picks up...
  2. Nobert


    You have made only one video in 2 weeks ?

    Rainmaker, you need to push up/raise up your productivity bar/standarts, cuz competition in that niche,

    is cooking videos like hell.
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  3. For Sure, I'll pick up my game, thanks for watching! Quality over Quantity!
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    Good luck man :)

  5. Karin42


    In general, a good approach not only for self-presentation and advertising, but also for your own statistics, so you can see your strengths and weaknesses, and beginners will be able to at least roughly understand what should be the work and how to conduct it so that the result each day becomes better and better.
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    Good effort bro! All the best for your channel.
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  7. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    I suggest learning to make quality videos. Nobody wants to watch a video of a guy holding his iphone recording his computer screen. Get a screen recorder at the very least. You can download OBS for free.
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  8. All the best!
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  9. very good video I liked it a lot
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  10. Thank you for the recommendation, I'm learning as I go along. Constructive criticism is always welcome!
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