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    its has been a long lesson....after watching the markets and trading them these past few months i can tell u for sure its about follow price... a person with dicipline and logic is better off than a person with a PHD in economics...i heard a OLD guy on CNBC say once that u can teach anyone to be a trader....the smarter they are the longer it will take. i believe it. the markets will stay irrational longer than u can stay solvent has been proved here lately. follow the price have been words to live by. something i read on this very sight(so much BS here i know)seems so true in this highly manipulated market is that alot of people will go broke shorting this thing. don't think too much has been the way to go. i know i'm only about 12 months behind in the learning curve....DAMN IT
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    It's better to be successful than smart :)
  4. I can tell right off the bat from your post that:

    -You are probably passionate about following "the market".

    -You have a highly developed opinion about that market

    -That opinion is (probably) "This rally is bullsh*t, the markets should correct."

    -You have traded that opinion unsuccessfully for some time.

    Perhaps time to develop a new opinion and trade that?