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    Honestly, are you succeeding in it?

    Don't lie, fudge numbers, etc.

    Are you making money in it or not?

    Seriously, I see too much fluff around here and not enough truth.

    I don't trade btw, I just spectate ;)
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    I wanna know this as well we need to seperate the trolls and put them in a corner.
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    Agreed. Too much talk, not enough walk. I think we can start by getting someone here who is truly successful to announce it, and we determine that with objective reasoning.
  4. Professional traders who are NOT trying to recruit customers/investors do NOT care if you or anyone else believes them. This whole "walking the walk" crap is pointless. You can see charts, you can see price move. You either understand that some people have spent countless hours learning how to make sense of it or you can chose to believe it's impossible and leave sites like ET.

    Some of you guys think you are entitled to things which you are not. If you ever get to the other side (profitability), you'll understand what I'm talking about.

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    Um, no.

    People have every right to question those on public forums that proclaim greatness or even subtly state it in their attitudes.

    It's fair game, we're on an open forum.
  6. Ok, so you just want an answer then? Yes, I do and have been for 12 years. No fluff, no filler just my answer.

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    Getting there but it's taking a lot of hardwork
  8. I've been working at it for almost a year and then 3 weeks ago, I had a Eureka moment. Since then, error free trading. I've made more money in the last 10 days than I made in the previous 3 months...which still isn't a lot of money, but I'm hoping compounding will be a good friend to me.

    For me, it took a flair for math and dogged determination and unwillingness to give up.

  9. yes, I am succeed , Trading is the best way to make money in easy and fast way, but it requires lots of knowledge and experience in trading business. If you want to be succeed than study and take experience for at least 6 month before throwing real money on trade.
  10. Just curious: How do you know if someone is telling the truth or not? There are just too many personal and business interests in making oneself to look profitable.
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