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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lcw, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. 123Magic


    All those people amount to one person, BruceM and he wasn't a member. There is not one negative post from a Zoo member.

    I can't disclose my patient's name or other details about him. That would be a federal crime under HIPAA regulations. Ask your doctor about that and he'll concur.
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  2. I must be thinking about the tsunami thread then...:confused:
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  3. 123Magic


    And you work for Guy "the slime" Ellis and shill for his forum which is a front for all the get rich quick systems boys that advertise there. There is nothing of value at that forum and that's why the place is as quiet as a morgue on New Years Eve. Except, of course, BruceM's, free setups that don't work.

    And let's not forget that Ellis thought so highly of the TradingZoo, that he told prospective members to hold off joining so he could get a $500 discount for them. In essence, he became a salesman for the TradingZoo. If you care to read that, you'd better hurry, because Ellis has a history of deleting posts which incriminate him when he's caught lying.
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  4. 123Magic


    You were Version and I respect you for admitting the error.

    But get this: Guy Ellis still allows Tsunami to advertise on his forum despite the fact that Tsunami is a REAL scam as confirmed by its members. Ellis is a money grabbing sloth and will do anything for a buck. The only people posting in that forum are his gimps who nod their heads in approval to every word he writes. When TradingZoo ignored his request for a $500 rebate, he simply took his anger out on them. is just a group of punks who know nothing about trading and make their money by peddling the rubbish of thieves like Tsunami.
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  5. I always get a kick out of these ZOO clowns.....Lets leave it with this:

    Put up some real statements and a real audited track record...till then you shall remain a scam....

    nuff said

    There are those who trade for a living and those who just can't do it so they need to sell stuff...good luck MAGIC'll need it...
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  6. Ya gotta love their "100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee".

    Money Back Guarantee
    We are so confident in our methodology that, if within 30 business days from the time you joined the TradingZoo, our official trades, as posted in our Performance History section, have not yielded a profit of $6,000, based on a hypothetical $20,000 account trading 8 S&P E-Mini contracts per trade, excluding broker’s commissions and exchange fees, we will refund your tuition back with no questions asked.
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  7. laotaoyin

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    Re: zoo

    Do you want 1 or 2 months of trades?

    vanquish wrote on 01-19-07 09:03 AM:

    That sounds great if you can get a real time track record together, an of course I would sign a non disclousure document. So let me know when you have the track recored together

    laotaoyin wrote on 01-18-07 12:38 PM:
    You should discuss this with him.

    My old statements have a bunch of other things in them other than Zoo trades and I'm not going to black out a lot of stuff as that will make credibilty an issue. However, I opened a new account in which I'm only trading Zoo setups with 4 contracts or less for this very porpose. I started today. If you want to get back to me in a month or whatever, I'll share it with you, but you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement first.

    vanquish wrote on 01-18-07 08:49 AM:
    Sorry for late reply Barry I was out of town. As per Zoo it all seems really good and I am considering joinning, do you or MP have really account stmts, proving that you can get those fills in real time?

    01-19-07 11:40 AM

    Above is a email conversation I had with a Zoo saleman.......

    I am still waiting for account stmts, from this member of the Zoo, since Jan/07, I emailed him at the end of March/07 to see if he has the account stmts, and his email got returned with no reply, so I guess he got blown out by the Zoo System.

    Again just one mans opinion
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  9. I think Larry Levin challenges any vender to post his statements with his own. Don't know much about him but if it's true at least he's showing what he actually trades.
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  10. His statements end a couple years back, about the death of the pit time.

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