Trading Zoo?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lcw, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. lcw


    Anyone know them? No testimonial at all from this site.
    Who they are? Anyone taken their 1 week free trial or already a member. Care to gives some feedback.
  2. There's very little information about them.

    How did you hear about them ?

    Also, do you plan on trying the free trial...if not...why not ?

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  3. lcw


    Thank you Mark.
    Agreed with you that not much information from them.
    I just found them today at the almost end page classified of January 2006 Stocks & Commodities magazine.
    I had sent an email to them 2 hours ago asking when is the next free trial and I have no reply from them yet. Will wait and see whether they reply to me.
    At the same time, that is why I asked for some feedback, hoping someone might know something.
  4. Neoxx


    At least the premise seems sound.
  5. lcw


    well it's almost 24 hours now and I get no reply email from them.
    Does not give me any good indication of potential customer support from Trading Zoo.
  6. Please refer to this forum here and this guy AHK who works for the Zoo......True substance...ask them the tough questions before you pay....ask AHK for his's the same person as the one who wants you to email them here on elite...brand new poster spells trouble...
  7. why meens a lot to us your opinion of the zoo and you can get free publicity
  8. How many animals live in this Trading Zoo?...
  9. I wonder if they are affiliated with GorillaTrades.
  10. I encourage you to read the real Zoo thread found here...

    here are some other points copied over from that forum...

    "I think this deserves to be addressed in light of the fact that AHK has used this to promote the Zoo. I encourage people to read the entire trading Zoo and Blue Falcon threads.

    AHK should disclose on this post that he is paid a referal fee for each new "member" he signs up

    AHK has been unable to provide statements for any of the above trades nor his only posted trade and has not clarified whether they are real or hypothetical to this date

    AHK has been a ZOO memeber for four months yet he needs to get referal fees and can't provide statements to even one trade...makes me wonder... my opinions are expressed here on these forums..."
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