Trading your way to women

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  1. Similar to the "How to trade the fractional reserve system" thread, you want to work at one of the dating websites in the database department. There you have complete access to photographs, emails, correspondences, phone numbers, addresses, and everything else you might need.

    This is for those who know SQL (pretty easy to learn if you're motivated). Do a select on all the hotties, figure out what works and what don't. You'll get some good insights on psychology. Don't forget about timing. Girls are pretty predictable and operate on herd psychology.

    If you're really good, you can sell the above info to rich guys and girls.

    A bit tougher to get into, but a database person in the porn industry... well that is a plethora of easy availability.
  2. If you want to fuck, then just go in the club.....
    or choose a girl from a sex partner homepage.....

    If you want to find a girl online for a serious relationship, then you should choose carefully and give it a try.

    Men are also pretty predictable and operate on "who can i fuck next psychology".

    Absolutely no need to learn that, what you suggesst...
    useless nonsense....:p :p
  3. Some guys don't have the mugshot you have I guess. I have never had luck at any of those places in my life.
  4. i don`t know how to trade my way out of women

  5. Lucrum


    No offense pal, but this sounds like an awfully desperate way to get laid.
  6. Lots of desperate guys. Lots of ugly guys. Fewer hot chicks. More ubiquitous than you might imagine.

    They used to say I should have been a movie star by the way. Nothing worked for me in 44 years. Not desperate. Just conveying the way of the world.
  7. A couple of trivia questions (I think Trivial Pursuit needs a bit of updating on their questions):

    1. Who was the greatest pick-up artist of all time?
    2. What is 5 ferraris divided by 1 ferrari?
    3. How many people stood up to the tank at Tiananmen Square?
    4. What female actress starred in a movie about "pieces of flair"?
    5. What is the source of all art?
    6. What geographic location was the source of all marine life on earth?

    See answers below.

    1. Ross Jeffries
    2. 6 (time and position change)
    3. the entire city of Beijing
    4. Jennifer Aniston
    5. Subconscious manifestation of childhood trauma
    6. Indonesia
  9. Why Indonesia?I thought it was Africa.
  10. Hey, Firewalker,

    think positive.....:)
    you are not so ugly how you think, just think about how you want to be and act right this way, its your choice, you cant loose anything - when you ve nothing...right ??

    if your problem is that you are be shy ? than online dating is the right way for you.....before you start meeting the girl of your choice, let have a nice chat with her, there you see if the chemicals fit together.

    For fucking i suggest "".
    For serious relationship, i suggest ""

    Increase the value of yourself. No risk - no fun.

    I dont know what you want, but just deal with the hole situation as you are the man. you are superman.

    by the way, if you are a successfull trader, than its proven that you be a better choice than all the other "normal" guys.
    You are super smart and nothing can stop you...

    (if you still cant do it, than you have to pay for sex....just pay and enjoy... :) )

    There are many people who search for the right partner, you just must find the right one for you.... Nowadays in the online time age, its more easier than ever before, bcuz you can choose from a lot of possible candidats - isnt that cool ???

    Good luck

    peace:D :D
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