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    I am a prop. trader in NYC .. I am thinking about venturing out into trading my own capital.. I have an offer on the table .. I was wondering what the competition was.. the commission per share? if the commission lowers with substantial amounts of volume ? .. scuds/bullets/shorting on the down tick what ever you know it as.. how much a day per thousand shares? what ecn books do you have ? what can you bid and offer through ? do you get rebates? I want the whole story not just the beginning ... if anyone thinks they are getting a deal let me know please.. i am interested in figures
  2. mush easier and less expensive imho........
  3. Nshore mustve had one too many.
  4. F1-
    I trade with EchoTrade remote. If you want to check them out go to
    Although I trade from home I will say that I visited their NYC office and it was sweet. Nice office in a nice building..very clean work environment...with nice views too! Very cool flat panel tradestations on new modern looking desks. If I didn't love living upstate so much I'd go there.
    If you check the website you'll find the new fee schedule. Before I was with Echo I was trading with a retail firm...terranova...good stuff but I got killed on fees.
    Someone put a post in the broker ratings about the crap software..but they've changed it...yes they have that echo stuff, but they'll let you use other much better software...I'm currently using the sterling program and I love it. I've also seen some other software which is very nice too. They want the traders to be happy so they're always looking for new and better software.

    I have no affiliation with them other than being a new member. I don't receive any referral fees..and this is not an advertisiment..just my opinion.

    honestly I think the best thing to do is to call up places and go visit them for yourself...spring is here so a walk downtown will do you right. (girls in skirts? can't beat it :) )