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  1. Just started trading yield spreads and having difficulty to replicate in SIM. Unfortunately, CQG does not allow trading in the 2 years, 5 years etc and thus cannot trade say the FYT or TFY etc. I like keeping track of fills using RTD but since i cannot trade these in SIM, its tough for me to analyze. I am using CQG to trade live currently.

    TT allows SIM trading but the fills dont seem accurate. Also the way TT shows Open P/L is weird and i am not able to tell exactly where i stand. This is the same issue in RTD in excel (unless i am doing something wrong)

    Would like some input from those who trade these as to how they keep track and practice. I develop some strategies, backtest them and then want to practice them in SIM but finding it tough to keep track and see if i am actually making money or not

    Note: Not looking to keep the positions overnight since thats even tougher to track with the reset every evening.
    Any thoughts appreciated
  2. Overnight


    That sounds like a question for @bone :)
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    What do you perceive as "weird" about the display of P/L on TT? If you have a question about the TT P/L display, please submit a ticket and someone will be happy to assist you.
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    I don’t do anything with TT Sim, which was the OP’s question. My clients will email to me “paper” spread trades which we break down in great detail and clients track on a spreadsheet.