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  1. Bright Trading is holding a free trading workshop on Jan. 16th at 6:00 PM at its La Jolla office. Any traders interested in attending please call me at 858.729.9950 or email at

    I will be discussing many of the topics mentioned on this site, i.e.
    prop trading, trading strategies, opening orders, tape reading, etc.
  2. If its free, whats in it for you? And don't say its because you like to teach people!
  3. We are always looking for those who want to take their trading to the next level. I have conducted these workshops before and we have picked up a few traders and also helped others who were not yet ready for prop trading.
  4. Please answer my question rather than prevaricate around it.
  5. I thought I did, we are looking for traders who want to become professional traders. What part of my answer didn't you understand?
  6. DraXon



    Learned a new word from you. Thanks! :p

    Here's an explanation for those of you who don't know the
    difference between prevaricate, evade and equivocate.

    One who evades a question ostensibly answers it, but really
    turns aside to some other point.

    He who equivocate uses words which have a double meaning, so
    that in one sense he can claim to have said the truth, though he
    does in fact deceive, and intends to do it.

    He who prevaricates talks all round the question, hoping
    to "dodge" it, and disclose nothing.

    Fitting terms for certain individuals, eh? :eek:
  7. DraXon, twas indeed a pleasure to be of some educational value :)
  8. But I have to ask...did you have to look up the word to fit your intended message...or did you really have that word right there at the tip of your tongue? It is a fitting word indeed for this board! :)
  9. DATT,

    I am happy to report that in a previous career I spent much of my time composing flowery prose... so my vocabulary is fairly well developed!

  10. English 101 is great, but is anyone interested in trading?
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