Trading Woes

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  1. This is a poem I wrote a while back when I started trading professionally. Tell me what you guys think:

    Trading Woes

    Your raving rant I understand
    Your raging wrath I comprehend
    Your humble suffering I see
    You are a trader lost at sea

    The Level Two - your broken mast
    The prints are fast - too vast to grasp
    The Nasdaq futures are askew
    You are a trader - you are new

    The shark-like spread will eat your flesh
    The market's locked, it won't refresh
    Your scud* is shot and you can't short
    The uptick rule - your last resort

    The market makers are its breakers
    The mirage Islands are just fakers
    The ECNs will hold the line
    They drown the profits one more time

    The trading woes of money lost
    The total fee and total cost
    The low low ratio today
    Make up for gains another day

    * scud = bullets at our firm
  2. 5K in my account,
    Got the world on a plate,
    going to make the dough,
    gonna get that hot date,

    4.9k in my account,
    lost a trade,
    that's ok because,
    I've got it made,

    4.6k and going down,
    I start to look around,
    can't go out on the town,
    I'm crashing into the ground

    Next week getting worse,
    losing my ass and it hurts,
    I'm calling bottoms and tops,
    and getting my butt wopped.

    Now I'm down a grand,
    I thought I was the best,
    but I'm failing here,
    like 90% of the rest.

    So I stop and pause,
    before I hit a brick wall,
    trade what I see not what I think,
    before my account continues to sink.

    The girl's outside, I lied about the car,
    I can't even afford a night at the bar,
    she ditches me and drives away,
    so I sit at my computer and play.

    Chaos theory, fractals and neural nets,
    I'm the man, I'll win this bet,
    slowly I realize it is all within,
    gotta stop taking trades on a whim.

    Days go by and my equity curve slows down,
    I'm pulling up from hitting the ground,
    Cut my losses and let the profits fly,
    there goes my equity curve up into the sky.