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  1. I am getting thoroughly tired of my clients (not to name names) taking credit for all the good trades they make using the systems I develop. As most of you know, I have a flowerishing practice creating stoplight trade systems for traders suffering from unique psychological deficits, up to and including the lack of a brain. But by far the most numbrous of my clients are traders who loathe Jack so much they wouldn't bother to learn SCT even if it worked. So they say to me, "Joe, build me a system that isn't anything like SCT." And I improve on these systems for each new client, sort of an intermittent refinement. So here is the first of hopefully many trades I will post, assuming that I am not summarily shut down. Flaming is encouraged, I can take care of myself, haven't seen the punk on ET I can't reduce to desperate sobs with the merest whiff of NLP language. Execution report attached, chart to follow.
  2. Now don't expect me to hold your hands here ("Do the work!"). The fourth bar from the left started an obvious bull flag (it WAS obvious to YOU, wasn't it?). The trade was entered and exited somethat in advance of the two systems whose signals confirmed it. But I understand that SCT is a little loosey-goosey about the rules, too, especially when you smell a big trade.
  3. Oh, I forgot to say why it wasn't an SCT trade. No trend line or channel was drawn. Volume was not used. DOM was not used. No invaginary relationship with any other instrument or index was invoked. I fact, the trade was eyeballed and confirmed by the two systems shown, and others. I'm not showing my actual trading screen, it would induce instant nausea and projectile vomiting in both pure-price traders and SCT traders alike. Four independent systems took the trade with differing entry and exit times.
  4. I forgot to add that any other non-SCT traders may feel free to post exemplary trades here. You can even cherry pick them, don't care if you were net profitable for the day. Everybody lies here. But don't insult my intelligence. Lie convincingly. With at least a credible looking execution report. A chart would be nice too. You may even make bogus calls taking advantage of the fact that the ET clock is late five minutes.
  5. Oh, and like any shrink worth his salt, I am going to prescribe the symptom. Every time I post a trade, I will be deluged by SCT amateurs posting elaborate charts to prove it WAS an SCT trade, haha! Done there been that before. It's pre-dickable.
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    Trading is hard enough, and if all you nincompoops can do is sit around and gossip all day while others are trading their plan, managing risk and book profits, then your thread should reflect that fact.


    JJ :D
  7. Attached is a VERY carefully selected example of the PissBreak (blue bar) indicator at work (most of the time it doesn't work). NQ M8, 30-seconds, 2:36:31 ET. Don't look for an execution report. I was taking a piss when it triggered. A classic eggsample of a non-SCT upportunity.
  8. Here's my trade in AAPL today... of course I sold short in the upper shadow (wick) of the red candle closing at 11:10ET (I sold far too many shares to do all at the exact high of the day). Will let you know where I covered once I see where the low of the day will be after that point. Maybe later I'll post my blotter if you guys insist on proof.
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  9. Despite my moronic (though visually entertaining) attempts at levity, I see that you insist on taking the more serious route of staying on-topic with the OP's orginal thread concept.

    OK, fine.

    Here's a chart of a couple of scalps I took today. I was up late last night trading the EuroFX (the action was hellishly boring) so I missed the run-up in the financials this morning. :(

    No worries, I got my jollies in the ZN and partook of a late breakfast (note: all trades were scalps, my weapon of choice).

    Plan on hitting the gym later on today for an all around good time (ah, I remember when I used to be a productive member of society :D ).


  10. 666. MOST impressive! It is ubligutory in this thread to post a blotter, because we are the very antithesis of SCT traders, haha. But wait, is that a 5 minute chart? I may have to excummunikate you, you're using volume, too, unless it's just there for color.
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