Trading without risk. Please explain...

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  1. over the last 2 years i've met so many people who want to engage in trading business, BUT they are not ready to risk a cent.

    I won't talk about prop firms, since these folks are delusional beyond hope. Just normal people, often outside from trading world.

    For example, i've talked to a guy worth over $50 million. He could not risk 50,000. Funds with assets 40 million- can't lose more than 15k.

    Trading will always be risky. Are there any Formula 1 wannabe drivers who demand a guarantee that they will never crash in their bolids?
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    Trading is a lot like girlfriends: There's always risk involved.
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    risk take = who's ass is on the line
  4. yeah, why then so many people cannot grasp the obvious?
    every human activity is risky. yet, they don't want any risk in trading?

    perhaps its after 9/11....
    people are so scared of terrorists.
    so scared because madoff showed them how insanely greedy and blind big financial firms are today
  5. This is why so many gurus, grail sellers, and others are so anxious to sell you their wares.

    heads they win, tails you lose

  6. cellulose - the higher the percentage of cellulose, the better the paper.
  7. If you don't include the risk of unprecedented execution errors, i believe there is a trading method without a risk. I don't have a such thing but ..

  8. I would be led to believe that this individual with $50 mil has a somewhat reasonable mindset following the series of epic bubbles and busts over the past decade. Not to mention the endless number of fraudulent hedge funds that use the assets as a personal piggy bank.

    At $50 mil, this guy's biggest worry is where he can safely park all of those assets, which in this day and age, is no small dilemma.
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    This depends on the fund. Those trading in bonds or exotic intruments would often loose 15k on bid-offer alone.
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