Trading without paying commissions?

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  1. This is the opinion of Lund,one of the founders:
    Our model is different. We run a lean operation, use the latest technology and rely entirely on word of mouth, guerilla marketing, viral campaigns and public relations to get the message out. As a result we can look at the $2 per trade as the cost of doing business – and still turn a tidy profit

    Someone will always have to pay the expenses, but two question arise:
    How much are the REAL expenses?
    WHO will pay?

    Future will tell us. One things is suer: the founders of Zecco have two things in common:

    they have huge amounts of capital
    they all proved their commercial abilities in the past

    My conclusion: they might be able to radically change the broker's world, and make some brokers go broke. :D

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  2. It'll be fun then .. but not free?
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  3. Nothing is free.
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  4. They claim you can have 40 free trades a month (not to exceed 10 trades per day) as mentioned earlier in this thread, They will offer limit orders. I wonder if you can "short" with them?
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  5. It sounds like
    "Unless you’re a day trader, you won’t spend a penny on commissions ever again. Day traders – you’re in luck, too. You only have to pay a paltry $3.50 per stock trade after 40 trades a month, up to 10 trades a day." --- from Zecco's about us.

    But this will not work for day traders.
    There are $1.5/trade brokers out there, such as SogoInvest
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  6. Dunno, if you make an average of only $300 per round trip, thats $6000 profit , commision free a month

    You know any daytraders who won't take that?

    Most here at ET make than that in a day, I know, but some might like the pocket change.
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  7. Drew07


    If it sounds to good to be true.....
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  8. What's too good, and what's not to believe?
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    It's a very interesting business model. I might start a pocket-change account with them and see how it goes ;)
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  10. How long will Zecco stay in business? This freebie trade thing won't last forever.
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