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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by tenfly, Feb 3, 2004.

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    Back with my old company, I used to trade with the help of eSignal. I basically based all my moves of my charts of my stock, combined with the S&P and Nasdaq futures. I also used pivot points. This style of trading helped me A LOT, and I did very well.

    However, I'm with a new company now, and while the software is amazing, the charts are quite poor. I'm feeling quite lost now without my friendly charts, and I'm kind of stuck in the area where I just have no idea what to do. The charts I have give me a basic understanding of what the stock is doing and what the markets are doing - but thats about it. I can't draw in support and resistance lines. I can't look at any technical analysis..So I'm basically basing all my moves off hunches and guesses and looking at the charts I have and figuring out what to do from there.

    Are there any people out there who day trade with sub-par charts? If so, what do YOU do?

  2. Easy problem solver...GET ESIGNAL:eek: :confused: :D
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    I would love to..but I'm broke lol
  4. Considering you're a system trader posting in Strategy Trading, who the hell needs charts???
  5. if broke it does not seem like nice charts helped you any lol. curious what charts are you using? i am guessing accent cause they have a great excution system and about the worst charts i have every seen. i no they have AT, Esignal, Rueters there too
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    Well I haven't been trading for an extended amount of time..I was in training, and my company didn't pay you in training - blah blah blah (don't want to get into it again)..

    Anyways, I'm using LightSpeed.
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    Can this charting program do candlesticks? Might be an option, begin learning candlestick patterns :D
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    I learned candlestick patterns with e-signal. No, no candles..The shortest duration I can view too is a 1hr chart..:(
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  10. ...

    Gimme any charting software and I'll trade that shit with discretion considering the datafeed is solid...

    Aren't you or you guys using the charting environment as an excuse?
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