Trading without charts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by LelandC, Oct 29, 2001.

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    I am curious if anyone here is successfully trading without charts (or knows someone who does). When I say charts I am talking about intraday charts. I have heard of folks doing this - basically just watching the level II and time and sales but have never really seen it done....

    Just curious,

  2. i don't use charts and most prop traders that are successful also don't charts charts don't show the whole picture and create an opion that just leads to confusion just stick to the tape it tells all
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    So you are a prop trader? Which firm? Can you go more into detail about trading without using charts?

  4. i worked at worldco and spent some time schonfeld
  5. I trade systematically, and have found that I get less tempted to interfere if I don't have charts open. So, all of today I only had SPX and NDX up, while trading about 10 issues.
  6. just stare at the quote for 2 to 5 years and it will all start to make sense