Trading Without A Brain

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Duref Mudgins, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. I am pleased today to announce the latest simplified trading system developed by me and my associates to overcome the deficits of mentally and physically challenged traders. In our experience this handily includes the needs of +/- 4 standard deviations of ET traders. As in past developments, this system was designed initially for a specific client and extended to the general population. The impetus for the NoBrainer system was the sacrifice of a hideously over-leveraged trader's brain to medical research to satisfy a margin call by IB in reaction to an overnight 20-point death spike in NQ. This misfortunate's brain was removed down to the brain stem, leaving only marginal reptilian functioning. But the system we designed for him works so well that we are marketing it to the reptiles at the CME. Attached is a snippet from today's 1-minute NQ chart. Though the presentation is deceptively simple, the trade logic itself is anything but, requiring nearly 100 lines of EasySignal code to implement.
  2. Perhaps I lack the hipness for a Duref-thread, but are you trading off the 1-minute NQ chart? If so, I am beginning to understand your pathology.
  3. Indeed we all do. We don't like to be in a trade more than a few minutes, because if we are, we all commence to arguing and altogether forget that we are in a trade. Hence the need for NoBrainer. Often it is good for only a minute. But it has a high win probability. Which we need, as we are all losers to various degrees. We are ET writ small.