Trading with/without a mentor?

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  1. It's def manipulated in the short term through orange man and pencil neck, but long term drift is up anyway. BTFD.
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  2. Day-Trader-Utah,

    I think differently than others. I believe that a mentor/coaching/trading course should be considered. This way you have proper education how to trade and you building a skill.

    We all want to make money, but we forget this business takes building skills. And building skills requires quality education and training. Yes, you can learn on your own reading 100000 free online sources. However, you choose, building skills to properly trade and think is crucial.

    Now with that being said, there is not good trading courses out there and is your job to verify what you are reading or studying is beneficial to your business. you have to ask the right questions.

    P.S. Take what I say with a grain of salt, I am learning and sim non-profitable day trader.
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  3. Handle123


    For those who have PM'ed me, my mentoring days are way over, even with a mentor, it be like two years hearing same words each day till student memorizes it, there is so much to remember when breaking down price bars, the more you break it down, the more to can reduce losses. When not losing you can add on size. Some course on internet does not even touch the aspects, they do not teach all the reasons of not taking signals, they don't teach when to add more size as conditions are favorable, they don't teach volatility requires different techniques and lack of volatility requires buying low and selling high more so than when market is normal, they don't teach when you have to extend protective stops when volume is down and return to normal when volume increases, they don't teach reverse divergence based on volume and reasons of why price does what it does. They don't teach how to put on trades before major reports. They don't teach two dozen patterns when market likely to reverse. And do you know why? Cause they don't know otherwise they be trading.

    "Now with that being said, there is not good trading courses out there and is your job to verify what you are reading or studying is beneficial to your business. you have to ask the right questions."

    Problem is you need much experience to know what are the right questions, it is the same with buying trading systems, they never come with rules when systems breaks down during month or hour when or how to adjust rules.

    You being an attorney, you love it when Prosecutor makes a mistake, right?
    Study all the ways most traders enter the market, then study where they have their protective stops, figure out how to then enter going the original direction when small traders are stopped out. "Retail" or smaller traders risk too small of funds on trades, markets are manipulated by larger traders and HFT's who force price to go different for small distances as they can't control entire market, these are some of my better signals, I call them signal failures, you getting into the second bite of an apple.
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    When I got interested in trading I had heard all the pundits say how easy it is, just learn a few profitable patterns and off you go. I bought it hook line and sinker. Nothing is farther from the truth.

    Treat trading as if it is like becoming a lawyer all over again. Takes a lot of study and screen time. There are no shortcuts. Successful trading is not a part time gig, imo. There are no shortcuts.

    You need to learn who you are before trading full shares/contracts. How much risk are you willing to take. Can you sleep at night with a position in the market that may go against you before you can do anything about it? Do you have a day trading personality?
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  5. I most certainly agree. I have bought systems and courses from gurus before. I did not know how to ask the right questions. I believe I do now from just trading every single day. It is a day to day learning.
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    Love Tom Waits.
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  7. If I had my own private "anomaly" I'll be damned if I would share it with anybody. If it's that good then I should be able to trade a few hundred pocket bucks on payday up to a very respectable powerhouse account in no time at all. I wouldn't need a partner with deep pockets. I could deepen my own pockets.
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  8. Utah


    Thanks, Handle123. I appreciate your comments!
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    I can help you..but I charge lawyer rates :)
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  10. Ok post #2 tickled my curiosity... even Jobs and Bezos had ideas but no money when they started. Send me a comprehensive dossier of your back-testing and at least 10 trades to place now. If the dossier proves consistency and the 10 trades pan-out I'll go further. Send by private message.
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