Trading with/without a mentor?

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    Hi guys,

    I've been buying and mostly holding stocks over the past 20+ years. I'm a lawyer by trade, and just recently have been fortunate to have the ability to devote some time to day trading as well. Over the past couple of months, I've been trading small contract positions on the ES, NQ, MES, and MNQ for the last few months. I haven't seen much profit yet, but am learning and understanding the processes and the markets more and more each day. One thing I'm lacking, however, is a mentor; someone I can go to for help. I certainly couldn't have succeeded in my legal career without multiple mentors.

    So, with that, I am at looking for some mentoring/coaching with my trading. And while searching for help, I found Ray Freeman's basic day trading program, signed up, and learned quite a bit. I'm now looking at taking his Master's Coaching Course. Could anyone here provide me with a review of the Master's course? From 0 to 10 stars, how would you rate it? If no experience with Ray's course, does anyone have any other recommendations for me?

    I have zero affiliation with Mr. Freeman or his course, and have not, and will not, receive any form of compensation for this post. This is completely personal.


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  2. hi michael my name is jonathan and i have been day trading for over 7 years.recently i have found an anomaly in the charts that picks a very high percentage of winning have to find the manipulation in the charts which my anomaly does. im looking for a partner with capital to get back into trading. if your interested let me know. i live in florida thanks
  3. Sorry man, but you're never going to find a quality mentor at any price let alone an affordable price.

    Spend your time and energy learning "Price TA". Best shot you have. (You're a lawyer, so you know something about "observation and deduction". That wil serve you well in trading.)
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    Lol run from this offer. Without a ton more info..

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    Lives in Florida, Enough said.
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    And his first post to boot, trying to entice the uneducated and he doesn't have funds to trade his own account.
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    Look at trading this way, so different than being an attorney and they are like brokers, you make money whether client wins or not. Day trading takes years and for some decades to get good to consistently grind it out, you spend so much time often 80-100 hours a week for years, and 97% lose.

    If you were any good at day trading, why have a service? Then you have more people to compete against using one's methods. Whatever someone can pay for that education, trader can make that in one trade, and to take a new trader is like insane cause you be calling mentor 100 times a day. There is so much you have to memorize, and if you can't program to back test, you become bait. Tougher to learn to day trade than swinging stocks or futures. Have a life outside of watching sticks on a screen, go to longer timeframe.

    Good luck.
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    Mr handle, u are wrong. This is not his first post. This is at least ggreyhound77 second post. He left me a message and gave me the same offer on my page and i politely declined. :p
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  10. hello i do have a viable anomaly theory.everybody has their own opinion on the subject.i am not trying to entice the do not need to put 100 hours a week into it.the stock market is manipulated from 9:30 to 4:00 every minute of every day on every stock . the only way anyone will ever make a dime daytrading is to find a way to find that manipulation and my anomaly is producing consistant winners.but good luck to all anyway.
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