Trading with Windows 7

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by flipflopper, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. I've decided to take the plunge this weekend. Been on XP Pro since it's inception but know I'll have to switch sooner or later and XP has been acting quirky lately so I'm pulling the trigger.

    The details of my current setup below:

    * Intel Q6600 with 4 gig ram
    * Two Nvidia Quadro NVS video cards
    * Asus Rampage MotherBoard
    * 6 monitors

    * Multicharts
    * NinjaTrader
    * TWS
    * Custom TWS API

    Has anyone had any trouble making the switch with any of the above hardware/software?

    Also I am assuming that the 32 bit version would be preferable. I have heard that the 64 bit may cause some compatibility issues with some software. I'm not really worried about security.
  2. just21


    Works fine with tws and ninjatrader on x64, just remember to install 64 bit java.
  3. Windows 7 = faster.
  4. GabbyJay


    Traders can trade on Windows 95 if they wanted to. OS has very little influence over one's trading, even though it is cool to say, "I trade on a Windows 7 PC"...

  5. Wouldn't it be less hassle to do a fresh install of XP than to change OS?
  6. pulling the trigger= throw money into the recycle bin in this case

    try to think why would you need to move now?
    how it will improve your trading?
    will you make new money?

    make clean reinstall and be happy another 5 years
  7. Likely not true... And if so in some cases, only to a miniscule degree.
  8. I was under the impression that XP only allows me to utilize 2Gig of RAM.

    Won't windows 7 allow me the use of 4 to 8 gig of RAM thus dramatically improving performance?

    My system runs a lot of charts although it runs great my RAM usage shows at close to 2 Gig's.

    I'll let you all know the results on Monday.
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    Win7 is really nice and solid, but not really necessary for most trading systems. Just reinstall XP 32-bit. It'll be able to utilize about 3.5GB RAM. If your trading apps require 4GB or more RAM, then go with the 64-bit version.
  10. haha its cooler to say i trade on windows 3.1
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