Trading with Volatility

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Almond_Dragoon, May 22, 2008.

  1. I was going to put this in the journal section, but I wanted to talk about this.

    It seems that ET is making things too hard, too complex.

    Support and resistance is just funny. Why? Because there are a zillion support and resistance options. Bottoms, double bottoms, triple bottoms, the 50sma, the 50ema, the 21 sma, the 200ema, the 300dema, on and on it goes.

    Indicators, which one? Good luck with that.

    So, let's try this. Let's just try volatility. How each trader calculates volatility is his business. Time frame, his business. No charts, just calls. Others can come into this thread and post their calls also, just tell what indicator you used to make your call. No details or settings required.

    I'll go first. For the ES tommorrow, my bias is neutral. So I will go short at 1382, long at 1406. I will stop and reverse if my oppsite signal is hit. I will update at 10:45am.

    opinions? comments? snide remarks?

  2. QUOTE
    snide remarks?

    Do you just finish up with all of your final exams? :p
  3. No, I graduated some time ago. Would you care to make a call and discuss the indicator you use?
  4. You can join IRC financialchat or othernet chat servers were hundreds of traders are posting their trades in real-time every trading day along with some even posting their brokerage statements or profit/loss statements.

    However, if you prefer to hang out at ET and try to post real-time calls along with engaging in all the discussion forum noise...

    Good luck.

    Simply, ET is not a suitable format for any trader to be posting real-time calls.

  5. Thanks Mark,

    Trail stop moved to 1388.75.

    I will check out those other sites. Didn't realize that ET was in such bad shape.