Trading with Tony Oz Scanner - November 2001

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  1. TonyOz



    "so then the question becomes, bail on trade, or stay with it with the original parameters (target and stop). "

    From my experience, stay in!

    Harry, I did not get the log yet. I will post it as soon as I get it.

    Anyhow here is some info on my trades.

    I am long the following over the weekend.

    2000 EXLT
    1000 MRVL
    2000 RSAS
    1000 WSTC

    All four were found by the scanner. I think Usual Suspects, New Kid and Power Trader found them.

    On Thursday I scored big on FMKT from New Kid and CTXS from Sky Scraper.

    I also traded TTEC, ISIP, EMBT, EDMC, did well on initial positions lost on the added shares. Trailing stops were too tight. TTEC exploded after my stop triggered. Poor trade management due to the large number of open positions as well.

    Missed entries on INVN (Damn I want that one back) Glad ericdh caught that one on Friday. I missed a great entry on Thu. And I missed ERTS also (I was not willing to pay more than 56).

    All in all, I had a good week to finish November, and I needed to do well, because I will be out of town most of December. Taking my Mom for her 50th and my sister for her 30th along with the family on this ship I was on this ship last year and we had a blast, so I am taking the gang this year. Anyhow, I highly recommend this vacation.

    I am leaving on Wed, and will be back 12/19 (gonna look at properties in Florida while there - getting tired of waking up at 4:00 AM) I will be trading Monday and Tuesday for sure, so i will share my trades with you here, then I will share some more when I come back.

    Trade Smart!
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  2. Harry


    Hi Tony!

    Let me think about it ... nope :lol:
    If somebody doesn't like your comments, he doesn't have to read this thread - the title is obvious enough, I think ;)

    As always I have some questions about these setups - and it would be great if you could answer some of them.


    For me one of the most important questions is whether you think that the trade selection of the daily chart or the intraday handling is the most important part of your trading - I wouldn't have taken most of your plays because I didn't notice them when looking at the scanned stocks.


    EXLT, MRVL - Why did you choose this trades? Was it the intraday behaviour or just the daily chart?

    Did you also consider TUNE or SONE from the New Kid-Scan? I took TUNE and scored "really big " (bought at 20.8 - sold at 20.95).

    RSAS looks like a breakout above the 14 level.

    FMKT also looks like a powerful breakout play. Did it also show up on the gapper scan? FMKT is a perfect example of my problem not to chase stocks and such missing good setups ... in hindsight ;)

    CTXS - did you take it at the reversal or did you reenter then?

    EMBT - why did you take this one?

    ERTS also looks like a breakout play after a short consolidation.


    Have a nice holiday!

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  3. ericdh



    Thanks for responding, hope to get some ideas on trading the scans.


    Thanks for your input, I think what I will do for a week or so is watch the scans early, I normally have a game plan at the opening and so haven't been looking at the scans til an hour or so into the day, other than the gapper q, watching those as described in the earlier post.

    Didn't trade much today, as I made a mistake and had to do my self impose penalty for breaking my trading rules (took avir when it came up on the powertrade scan without checking news which I do on any substantial gap).

    Anyway, have a good vacation, although if you update the positions you carried over the weekend it would be helpful to look at this evening.

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  4. TonyOz


    Hi guys,

    I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but all I did was buy MROI and add to some of the other ones. It's crazy here before we leave. Anyhow, I closed all 5 positions I had and made a trade on SWFT.

    Attached is the P&L for the day (from Y'day's close not original entries), I think it is another 2800 or so from the original entries.

    It is Jordan's birthday today, so I have to run. I will have better case studies (step-by-step) once I return.

    Trade smart and talk to you soon.
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  5. mit


    Does anyone know if I can set up the Oz scanner on E-Signal.
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  6. Magna

    Magna Administrator


    Does anyone know if I can set up the Oz scanner on E-Signal.

    Unfortunately it requires the TAL (Townsend Analystics Ltd) data feed. In other words, Realtick.
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  7. For those scans that depend on estimating volume pace, am I right in assuming that you use a non-linear algorithm to estimate EOD volume from intraday volume, to reflect the greater activity at the beginning and end of the trading day?

    I do all my scanning the night before based on EOD data, but I am very much interested in the volume behaviour of the stocks on my shortlist. To estimate EOD volume for comparison with previous days I use the following parameters for time of day and typical fractional volume.

    10:30 0.25
    11:15 0.33
    12:15 0.50
    1:15 0.6
    2:15 0.7
    3:15 0.9

    These are not my original data, I think I got them from trading some time ago. I am just wondering if your intraday volume parameters used in the scanner are similar. If there are significant discrepancies, would you comment please.
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  8. ericdh



    Yes, if you call Realtick direct they should be able to set you up, it is 20 per month

    They will also send you a copy of his book that covers
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  9. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Tony (or anyone),

    Has anyone attempted to use the data feed with the Oz scanner? It's only $50/mo which is a significant savings from realtick.
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