Trading with Tony Oz Scanner - November 2001

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  1. The purpose of this thread is to discuss trading strategies based on the Tony Oz Stock Market Scanner

    I hope this thread can be an interactive learning environment for all of us. New users will be able to use the information in this thread to bypass some of the ‘learning curve' in using this tool. I encourage the more experienced users to help make this possible. In the process, I'm sure we will all learn and benefit from the discussion.

    I hope we can discuss daily trades and include case studies of LOSING TRADES as well as winning trades. I hope we can fine tune both entry and exit strategies and adapt them to different market environments. I hope we can learn to maximize profits from the different scans and learn how to use each one of them under whatever the market conditions are.

    I would like this to be an open forum to all, so please <b>No personal attacks. We are all here to learn and share information.</b>
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    Great that you opened the thread - I hope we can start soon ...
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    I have read Tony's books, and look forward to his next. I have incorporated quite a few of his ideas into my trading.

    However, i find i am at a disadvantage -- being a thinly capitalized, small swing trader, i must be frugal. I can't afford the luxury of Realtick and the associated brokerage fees that goes with it. So i do not have access to the scanning capabilities that are now part of that platform.

    Any suggestions or advice? Greatly appreciated!

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    I can't afford the luxury of Realtick and the associated brokerage fees that goes with it...Any suggestions or advice?

    If you have standard charting software with end-of-day data, such as:

    These allow minimal programming and you can setup filters to simulate some of the Oz scans like Bottom Fishers, Sky Scrapers, etc. In the evening look thru the results of your filters, select the best candidates, put them in a watchlist for the next day, jot down entry points, and when a stock in your list hits the trigger bring up a chart and quickly decide. :)
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    Well, I hope the discussion starts soon - although I didn't have the opportunity to trade today - I would have some comments or better to say "questions" about today's setups, like every day

    :) !

    Have a great day,

  6. to get the scanners. I use Realtick, and I see them in the symbol guide search dialog box, but I can't seem to access them. I use a small broker in CA and he seemed to know nothing about them. I heard somewhere that you can call Townsend direct but have not tried it yet.
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    Hi Everyone,

    One of the reasons that I wanted Sniper to wait until November is that the Oz Scanner is available on a limited basis right now. The official release date will be sometime next week. Most RealTick brokers are not aware of this new add-on feature, and if anyone wanted to subscribe, they had to contact RealTick directly.

    My suggestion to you if you do not want to wait another week or two is to email and tell them your RealTick user name + domain + broker, and ask them to permission you for the Oz Scanner.

    I hope this helps, and I'm sorry for any trouble this set-back may have caused you.

    Trade Smart!

  8. do we have to reveal our passwords for that...I remember seeing somewhere a space for password...
    can we trial run it?
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    I don't think you have to give them your password, but you might check with them. There is no trial, but at $20.00, you already know that your risk is limited :)

    My suggestion is to test it first on paper, so in the worst case scenario your maximum loss is $20.00-$60.00 (if you try it for three months). And if you find it valuable, at $20.00 a month you are getting a bargain :)

    <b>I used to pay more than 100 times that amount to be able to run these scans on a monthly basis</b> and it was well worth it to me. However, if you can't profit from it than it's not worth one cent!

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    I was just notified of the following:

    If you are a Terra Nova customer directly or through a branch (Terra Nova- Mb, Executioner, etc.) They have a code "TA1"

    So if you wish to get the Oz Scanner from a Terra Nova Broker ask to be permissioned for TA1.

    If they still don't know anything about it, then contact RealTick as previously suggested.

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