Trading With Tick Data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Aranha, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Aranha


    Does anybody know a software that offers extensive tick data?

    But a software that allows you to manage those ticks and build charts of 25 ticks, not only 1 tick like some softwares defult.

    Tradestation only offers 5 days back.

  2. jasper6



    Ensign still only has 5 days of tick data, but you can build any constant tick bar you want, although I have noticed it doesn't work so great when you get over 800 ticks/bar or so.
  3. Aranha


    We use tradestation here and it was working just fine.

    But we lost our database during a windows crash.

    That's why I started the other thread regarding tradestation's tick data... :(

    I'll check the ensign out...

    Thanks man.

    p,.s: If anyone knows about any other software, I will be more than happy to listen about it!
  4. Hi Aranha,

    Also take a peek at
    the realtime version of Fibonnaci Trader at

    User group for Fib Trader at

    Another software is TickQuest program called NeoTicker at

    User group for NeoTicker at

    Fib has a free trial with Neo you'll have to pay right out of the gate.

    I've tested both via my data vendor ( QCharts).

    I like their functions, had no crashes. However, I'm more of a discretionary trader and didn't need to test all the complicated bells & whistle stuff the may interest the trader techies.

  5. I use CWChart by Foxware - . I'm very pleased with it. You can do a lot of personal configurations, every Tickbase ... but I don't know how the service is outside of Germany.

    You may test the trialversion at their website.