Trading with the MOON

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    Has any body read a thead here some time ago which discusses about using moon to trade etc.? I have read it some time ago and was trying to find it now but am not able to find it. If some one else is able to find it, can you please post the link.

    I think it is called trading with the moon or some thing.


  2. Trading with the sun is much more profitable.

    :D :D :D
  3. trade with a chick on your lap, the constant orgasms will suppress your fear of being stopped out!
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    Moon and chick sounds good to me :D :D
  5. that only lasts for the opening gap:D
  6. There is a guy that Goldman Sachs keeps out of public access that has been very accurate calling market moves/corrections/etc. based on stuff like that. Has to do with energies and how they affect people during different seasons or parts of the year. Other than that I imagine you better make sure you know your s*** before trades are made based on some stuff like astrology :p

  7. Here's a moon chart I put together. Supposedly, maximum energies affect animals on new and full moons.

    If anyone sees any correlations on the chart let me know, because I sure don't.

    If you like this stuff, there's a fiction novel titled paradigm. The author was nominated for a noble prize on a theory called the taylor effect. Had to do with gravitational cycles and the effect on the stock market. Even had a table in the back with predictions. If you want to see the results, go check it out. I'm not giving that away:D

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  8. by the way, there were a few other full/new moons that occurred on weekends or non market days. You can add them back in on the next market day, but it doesn't do much IMO.
  9. Pay attention to solar weather, it has been on the rise. As has been a very active year for sunspot activity and on the long term uptrend as well.
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