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    Ok here we go !

    I want to keep this journal as professional as possible so let me set the guidelines carefully and make sure you read them as I do not want any misunderstanding as I will not tolerate nonsense.

    I am a trader FIRST and a poster second, that means that all trades will be posted when it is possible for me to do so, I will do my best to be as timely as possible but I will not sacrifice my concentration for posting purposes.

    My style is high speed momentum trading and if I price the market right my trades usually work out very fast.

    I trade for large targets with small risk and trades can last minutes, hours or occasionally a few days.

    I follow the YM, NQ, ES, ER (russell) EUR, CAD$, ZN (10yr) futures.

    I also trade high profile stocks that are moving as well as OEX options (swing).

    I will post naked charts for illustration purposes only but as far as my chart set up goes I do not wish to share that in here.

    I do a lot of due diligence and preparation for every trade and believe that the ONLY way to win is to be prepared and ready for the market.

    Enjoy and let's have fun!
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    Looking forward to it !
  3. Sounds like it's going to be a good one.
  4. hi mr fox

    whats your background in trading ?
    what broker (s) are you currently using ?

    I have been contemplating starting a journal
    of trade (s) or results .... but I do not see
    why one does this ... perhaps if you post
    a ton of winners with some sort of
    annotated charts in the months to come
    (without giving away your secrets )
    someone on ET will find it of use
    or inspiration

    good luck to you

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    I have been trading Stocks and Futures for 5 years fulltime before that I traded options part time as a source of extra income for 10 years.

    I use IB, Refco and Options Express.

    I started this thread to show by example just what it takes to make it as a professional in this business.

    I prepare for hours each night for the following day and if nothing else I want to stress the amount of hard work that it takes to compete in the markets.
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    Morning review

    I entered short on the 10 yr. note Friday when we past the open 113-30 and this position is sitting in big profits now.

    I am going to add to the position on any strength especially into the 113-20 area.

    The market is finally showing signs of a pullback after a very strong run north.

    112-23 area is my Target but profits will be scaled in and out along the way most likely.

    Notice the large engulfing bar and the volume spike.

    The indexes sold off hard Friday with the NQ showing the greatest weakness, monitor them for continued downside but be careful as we are still short term bullish bias.

    I will be busy today with some persoanl matters and will not be able to post again till this evening.

    Good trading to you!
  7. Interesting journal, looking forward to monitoring it. Good luck.
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    I appreciate your efforts and look forward to reading your journal.

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    10 yr short update

    Well I'm not off to a hot start so far :mad:

    Stopped out overnight (alert) with a small loss of 5 ticks per con.

    I still like the short and will re enter fast if it set up again today!

    Todays review:

    The ym traded in a tight range yesterday and is still holding up a strong support so the bias will be for long trades on it today.

    The NQ lead this little rally we have had to the upside so I will watch it as well closely but any long will be taken on the YM first.

    EUR is forming a bear flag on the daily so I will monitor that for a breakout short and the CAD$ can be watched closely for a long to retest resistance at .8070


    Short ZN 10yr at 113-30
    #10     Jun 7, 2005