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Discussion in 'Politics' started by super-ego, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. The book is on sale.
  2. How much will you pay someone for them to read this book?

    -FastTrader :D
  3. ROFL!!
  4. Will the most egotistical please stand up?
  5. balda


    I want that book I am biggest SE supporter:D
  6. Sorry but sold out! Hotter than Crabel's book.
  7. For Monday's setup, read my book.
  8. jem


    I have a copy number 4 of 5000 and signed by super ego. It is for sale because I am moving and I have two others I will sell it to the highest offer above 1200 dollars. I understand Shill Securities has automated some of the strategies and it is killing the market right now.
  9. I remember well JEM! At the SoCal signing!! The size that Shill is throwing around is hurting the efficiency of some setups described in the book. That 10,000 ES order on Thursday was of course Shill and not Goldman or SAC as originally rumored. The Shill guys bought stock mucho cheapo on the break in futures and unwound handsomely late in the day. Some of the updated strats will be in the new book; Super Ego, The Trader Behind the Methodology
  10. TGregg


    So when is Super Ego II: Even More Ego coming out?
    #10     Aug 23, 2003