Trading with Stock Turder, lets all put him on Ignore

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by insert, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. insert


    Stock Turder, I have been on ET for a long time and never placed anyone on IGNORE

    not even some of my fiery combatants

    but there is a first for everything,

    all your posts are just complete BS,

    your buy and hold and spend time on ET strategy sickens me,

    you make me vomit my own vomit :p

    Stock Turder, you are now on Ignore.

  2. BJL



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    :confused: :D :confused:
  3. He's much older than he looks.:p
  4. Lives of traders are measured in milliseconds:D
  5. NOVTE


    This is one of the reasons I like this site!
  6. patoo


    The bird is flaming again....oh moderator..plz remove

  7. I just lost 23 seconds of my life and I WANT THEM BACK NOWWWWW!
  8. I think stock_turder is a complete mental retard and I for one thank him for his repetitive displays of stupidity. You can't get comedy like that without paying for it usually.

    Even when he tries to sound intelligent he sounds like a 14 year old trying to be an intellectual...he's totally clueless.

    He's worth a whopping $115k maybe, that's what many of have in expenses every year...I think he's a harmless turd and his one-liners are Dan Quayle level material.

    I say we elect him king of this board, that way makloda, eqtrdr, and some of the other dense balls of bullshit can feed him grapes until the sun sets. :D