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  1. Do prop firms expect you to churn and burn, meaning to always trade with large volume of shares so they can get their commissions? I am not really interested in trading every 5 min. I like to ride the trade throughout the whole day if I can. Then get out of the trade at end of day. After all, daytrading is just intraday swing trading.

  2. LOL, I always laugh when people say that....we work really hard with our traders, and to be quite honest (as always) - we prefer longevity over volume....margins are so slim these days that we prefer to have good, solid, long term profitable traders.

    As posted prior, more than half our traders have been with us over 5 years, and I think 40 percent since before 2000.

    It's tough when you first start, and after you get past the "daytrading" thought and into more casual and successful strategies, it doesn't matter whether you trade 200K month or 2 million a month, it's up to the individual.

    Many are just glad to have a couple of $million to work with to trade only the "opening only" strategy.

    Anyway, that's our perspective.

  3. thanks for reply mr don
  4. don if your answer weren't so funny i'd be pissing in my pants. let all your traders swing trade 5k shares a day and we'll see if you'd be so jolly. bright and all prop firms make 80% or more of there income off share overides period. prop trading profits is about vol,vol and more vol for the owners and overiders
  5. Simply not true. Our overall volume is only important to keep pricing levels at Goldman, which we never have a problem with. I would much rather have a long term profitable trader than a "cowboy" who comes in, trades a zillion shares, and then blows his account up. The seasoned trader will tend to use a lot of capital for longer term positions, and they're happy to pay a risk fee for that.

    And, higher volume traders will lower fees per share.

    As in any successful, long term business, the relationship has to make sense to both parties...and our business is no different. We are simply providing capital and market access, and are proud of our long time traders and groups.

    No reason for a big debate or imporper urination, everything is transparent between us and our traders.

    All the best,

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    Joeyata, when is this market going to sell off?:D
  7. no freakin kiddin maverick, this market is sick, i'm itchin to short.