Trading with NO capital

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  1. It's not what you think. I would like to know how I can begin trading without any capital. Of course I would be trading fake money, but I want to trade fake money and good good at that before I put any money on the line. What trading platform can I use with no capital? If im not mistaken IB wants you to have 10k etc, is there any platform that has everything I need with no capital requirements? Can I just pay a monthly fee or something? I really want to be able to see charts and backtest charts like this one:

    BTW I stole that from a guy in the Options forum (sorry bro).

    If I cant trade on a platform, is there somewhere I can get these badass charts?

    Yahoo finance just isnt cutting it haha
  2. Go to

    Download the demo version of Ninja Trader.

    You will have a completely free live feed of the futures market and all platform features available in sim format.

    Have fun and don't risk a cent until you have achieved simulated constant profitability.

  3. ib has a demo of trader workstation that you can get that allows you to simulate trading.

    those fuckers didn't give me a margin account though when i gave them $22,000.
  4. Thanks guys. Im able to demo ninja trader. only thing is, this whole program is greek to me. Hopefully i can get it figured out.